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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pencil whipping the screening process

Just heard a report on NPR prompted by the Army sergeant who is said to have killed 16 Afghan civilians last week. The defense will, of course, try to put the Army on trial for not screening its employees well enough.

The screening process relies in large part on a questionnaire that asks, "Are you crazy?" Most applicants for the job of walking and driving around waiting to get blown up in Afghanistan say they are not crazy. They need the money.

For money I say that slugburgers taste good (when they taste like shit). For money I say that I would recommend particular convenience stores to my friends (although I don't have to say why).

When I no longer am doing this rather strange work, no one will notice. When the human bomb magnets have come home to work in convenience stores and slugburger dumps, the Afghans and Iraquis will get back to blowing each other up.

George W. Bush and Barack Obama will be on the $100k-per-lecture circuit explaining how they made the world a better place.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.


Marty Joe said...

Uncle Bob:
Relieved to know you are a Pressfield fan! Keep up the good work!


Bob Newland said...

Pressfield? Didn't know I was a fan. What's Pressfield?

Marty Joe said...

Strike that, how un-Gonzo of me, Thompson not Pressfield....


Bob Newland said...

OK. I get it. Yes, HST is my favorite writer of all time.