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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sure wish I had something to say

We may be risking the loss of our audience.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Newland. I owe you breakfast.

Les said...

I worry more about those with all the answers Newland. Talk is cheap.

So, I'll lightly entertain you. I asked several cabbies in DC the last couple of days who our next president was going to be. "Oooh, Mr Obama for sure". Finding out I was from SD they asked if we were going to help insure that win.

"Oh no" I said, we are a red state with no help for Obama.

"What are you doing to change that"? they would exclaim. I was not without worry of being dumped.

There is very little hope for change out there. It is with certainty they believe the problems are being fixed without understanding the money has run out and the rats are eating each other.

taco said...

Les is right. The situation is dire. It will likely get worse before it gets better.

yak said...

You will never lose me, I still visit the moonlightmackerel site,haha, last post Sept 28th of 2010,,,

Bob Newland said...

The situation is dire? Oil companies are still asking me to photograph their toilets and grade their employees on proper wearing of nametags. How can it be dire?

The maker of the world-famous slugburger, zillions sold, just paid me over $300 to order two of them and to say they tasted good. I said they tasted good, because I like getting paid $162.50 for driving an hour, then $162.50 to drive another hour. Actually, it tasted like shit, and I know something about eating shit.

Actually, they were far more interested in the fact that one of their disgustingly gross sandwiches took longer than 90 seconds to be plopped on my tray from the time I ordered it.

"Why did it take so long?" the questionnaire asked. I said I did not know. Then I said it tasted good. Did I mention that it tasted like shit?

Perhaps I should be concerned about the reason they can't find someone to order a slugburger for less.

No job skills (except the ability to lie to my boss), no interpersonal skills (except the ability to stopwatch a clerk), and I still make over $300 a month. What's dire?