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Friday, June 10, 2011


Following Tuesday night's election, I had a number of people asking me if I had heard the rumors...I had.

People wanted me to post the rumors here. It's not going to happen.

I have heard three different rumors, one of which involved me personally.

Two of the rumors involved one candidate. One rumor is newsworthy, if true. I've seen no evidence of it being true. If it is proven to be true, I will comment on it here. I will not go chasing it, however.  The other rumor is an intensely personal matter, and true or not, it is neither my business nor the business of my gentle readers.

I urge Rapid City voters to make their decisions based upon the information you receive from reliable sources. And, the likelihood that something "juicy" you may have heard about one candidate or another from someone with an axe to grind is true, is pretty slim.

Anyone who reads this blog knows who I support and why. Unsubstantiated blather will not be used here to convince you I'm correct.

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