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Friday, June 10, 2011

Kooiker supporters: A Call To Action

Four years ago, Sam Kooiker faced Alan Hanks in a runoff election for mayor of Rapid City. Mr. Kooiker led Mr. Hanks after the general election, as he does now.

But turnout for the runoff was a sad display of apathy, and Mr. Kooiker lost the election because not enough of his supporters got out and voted for their candidate. This was compounded by an ugly, vicious Journal Forum article by Deb Hadcock ran in the Rapid City Journal on the Saturday before the election, leaving the candidate no ability to respond. In addition, the now infamous "wing-nut" flier arrived in peoples' mailboxes on the Monday before the election.

Kooiker supporters can expect to see similar tactics this year. Do not be deterred. Get out and vote.

1 comment:

Les said...

After all this, Mayor Hanks and his supporters now claim the clean campaign they ran rewarded them with the loss and they may have to reconsider their game plan for the runoff.

Alan has the money to buy the needed runoff votes if Sam's people lay down.

Rapid City, don't forget the censure of your voice!