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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Ward 2 Race

Some time ago, I posted this on the forum. It was a reminder to my friends in Ward 2 about Deb Hadcock.

Now, a lot of Ward 2 voters must have agreed with me, but not enough to keep Deb out of a runoff with Ritchie Nordstrom. Steve Laurenti came in 3rd.

Every councilperson who voted to censure Ward 2 councilperson Sam Kooiker has either left the council voluntarily or has been voted off...except Hadcock. It is crucial now for Laurenti's supporters to join with Nordstrom voters and make sure they get out and vote in the upcoming run-off to bring Nordstrom to the council.

I know there has been a lot of talk about Nordstrom being a liberal. But if you read the link above, and you read his profile in the Rapid City Journal, you'll find that his thoughts about infrastructure are very conservative.

I don't know where Ritchie stands on social issues. I actually don't care much, because he will have little power on the council to address social issues. What I do know is that former councilperson Tom Johnson – in spite of some of his foibles – was a pro-union and profoundly liberal councilperson, except when it came to the city budget. No councilperson in my memory came to a council meeting better prepared than Tom. And, frankly I think his socially liberal voice is missed on the council.

There is no shame in electing a liberal to the council. Ritchie has demonstrated his desire to serve Rapid City with honor. I urge every voter who turned out for him on election day, do so again in the runoff. Do not be fooled by the numbers. Every vote is needed.

I also urge Steve Laurenti to endorse Ritchie as soon as possible, put the election in the past and urge his voters to cast their vote for the better Ward 2 candidate – Ritchie Nordstrom.

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