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Thursday, May 5, 2011

If the mayor breaks wind and nobody smells it...

Would he still send a press release?

Since April 1, Mayor Hanks has sent no less than 12 press releases on the following topics:

1. Mayor Continues Commitment to Transparent Government, which announced that nearly two years into his second term he has finally agreed to put the income statements for enterprise funds online.

2. Mayor announces ridership on Rapid Ride System.

3. Mayor invites Non-Profits to Fundamentals of Fundraising Meeting.
This one is for meetings to tell people how to ask for and receive 2012 funds.

4. Mayor Hanks proclaims April Fair Housing Month

5. Mayor Hanks Reports Loan Refinancing Saves City $716,000

6. City Offices will be closed for Good Friday

7. 41st Annual Clean Up Day and Pride Week

8. Mayor encourages Clean Up Volunteers to Clean in May

9. Wastewater Treatment System to Receive Award

10. Public Service Recognition Week Proclamation

11. Volunteers sought for Airport Board

12. May 5 Designated as Rapid City Day of Prayer

Whew! He's a busy guy!

In all of march, there were 4 press releases. There were two in February. Six in January. Five in December. Four in November...

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MuskYak said...

We will never know those early poll results, but they must have scared Hanks.