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Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden Dead – Obama gets new life

Short of killing Osama Bin Laden, President Barak Obama as of last week, had in my opinion little or no chance of winning a second term or possibly even winning his party's nomination for a second term.

Osama bin Laden is dead. He was buried at sea according to Muslim tradition, according to U.S. Public Relations operatives. Not much else is known yet about about the operation. No country wanted a burial place on their ground to become a place to martyr him, the PR folks are saying. Such a place, I should think, will be Ground Zero.

Obama apparently had given the final authorization for the operation that claimed Bin Laden sometime Friday. America has a victory in the war on terror, nearly 10 years after bin Laden orchestrated the 9-11 attacks. Twenty-four Navy Seals slipped into a luxury compound in Pakistan and greased the terrorist with at least one shot to the head after his wife positively identified him and he refused to surrender.

DNA testing has confirmed the corpse that was buried at sea was that of bin Laden.

Obama's approval rating will likely increase significantly. Birthers will no doubt ask for the long form of Bin Laden's death certificate.

The mujahideen and al Qaeda will replace him and go on. A responsive attempt to avenge bin Laden's death should be expected in the form of an attack on Americans. The War on Terror is a holy war. It is not over and likely never will be.


taco said...

This would be a good opportunity to bring our troops home!

Donna said...

It is wonderful for all of us to close that chapter. However, the election is quite some time away. If people are still unemployed, losing their homes to foreclosure, paying the price of ObamaCare, and spending large portions of their paycheck at the gas pumps- will it really matter ?

dot to dot to sot said...

Donna, The republicans couldn't do anything about high gas prices and unaffordable health care when they were in office for so many years. Why do you think they can fix it now? They haven't, they can't and they won't. They don't want to.

Losing homes and the high unemployment is a result of the last GOP tenure, and pretending to be angry about represents the sad tea-bagger inability to connect the dots.

So will it matter? Yes of course it will... it's just one more job the republicans couldn't get done on their watch. It's also a WHOLE barrage of fear mongering BS the tea baggers can't use against the people anymore.

Donna said...

I must have missed something in my comment. Nowhere in there am I slamming Obama, or the Democrats, or giving any kind of credit to the Republicans. Nor did I blame Obama for unemployment, foreclosures, or the high cost of gas.I am just asking a question- will it matter in a year or so enough to help Obama ? It just kills me how obviously people will seize any opportunity to validate their liberalism. By the way- not all republican are tea baggers- some of us are offended by their actions. So back at ya- I guess it is one job Obama has managed to pull off. Good thing we got a running jump at it for him- you really think he could have done it without the head start he was given ? Give me a break.

Duffer said...

Donna . . You can't peddle this drivel anywhere other than redneck states like south duck.

If you don't want someone calling you on your crap . . don't peddle it.

dot to dot said...

Haha, this is funny...
>> Donna said >> It just kills me how obviously people will seize any opportunity to validate their liberalism.

Pretty much what you just did - only with the limited mentality... I mean conservative mentality.