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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Art magazine reviews my show the day before it closes.

Followers of the Forum are aware that the People's Gallery in San Francisco showed about 30 of my rodeo prints during their inaugural month-and-a-half. The show closed today.

In a kind of ironic twist, an SanFran online art magazine reviewed my show yesterday. And so it goes. They haven't told me yet how many, but the curators of the gallery have told some of my prints sold. I am looking forward to my cut.

Reviewer Matt Stromberg says: In one image, a young girl, teeth clenched, struggles to stay atop a calf as a rodeo clown looks over his shoulder at her. The strength of the image lies in the tension between the girl’s toughness and her vulnerability. Though she is a female participating in a male-dominated sport, this means little to the calf.

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taco said...

pretty cool