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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Some reminders about Jerry Wright

Gentle readers, as the Ward 3 race looms closer, it is important for those who live in Ward 3 to get out and vote. It appears that Jerry Wright is almost as well funded as Alan Hanks is in the mayor's race. That's not good, because money has a way of blinding people from the facts.

Jerry's long been a member of the good ol' boy network in Rapid City. Everybody likes him. He's a swell guy. But there are problems.

1. In his capacity as head dog at the landfill, on Feb. 7, 2006 Jerry Wright sent a memo to the employees at the landfill and to owners of garbage services (including Fish) that the practice of identifying non-alternate cover loads as alternate cover so the garbage services could dump for free, was to stop immediately.

2. The practice did not stop, according to indictments against a landfill employee, Fish Garbage Service drivers and owners. The employee's trial begins next Monday.

3. Attorneys for the employee's defense are citing Jerry Wright's testimony in a civil trial the city has filed against Fish as part of motion to dismiss. Beginning on page 25 of that motion, the attorneys point to Wright's deposition, which appears to incriminate him. You can download the motion from the "related documents" section of the Rapid City Journal story here.

4. Jerry Wright is a career bureaucrat. He's been a city employee for most of his adult life. He's angry and believes that election to the council will afford him the opportunity to exact some revenge on Sam Kooiker, who exposed the problems at the landfill, probably prompting Wright to take an early retirement.

Chad Lewis is running against him. He's a local developer who will bring a fresh perspective to the city council.

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