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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chiming in on Newland's Non Campaign

Here again, I find myself agreeing with Bill Fleming on a political matter.

I agree that Bob Newland should abandon his non-candidacy and actually challenge Lance Russell for his House Seat in District 30. I also believe that Bob should run as a Republican. And, I believe it is possible that Bob could unseat, or at least help unseat Russell in a Republican primary.

Bob is much more conservative than folks think. And, I think he would be a colorful, as well as thoughtful addition to the South Dakota House of Representatives.

Russell can be a mean dude. He sponsored a bill (SB88) in the last legislative session that changed the penalties involving the bribery of a voter. But the change made the voter guilty of a felony rather than a misdemeanor, for accepting money to vote a certain way. Russell's bill did nothing to change the penalty for the guy offering the bribe. It didn't pass.

He was also prime sponsor of a bill (HB1204) to prohibit businesses and employers from establishing a policy of not allowing invitees and employees to store firearms in their locked cars. Huh? My property, my rules. Nobody feels more strongly about the Second Amendment than I do. But, I think those who wish to keep firearms off their property have every right to do so. That one failed too.

His bill (HB1132) to allow seasonal employees of chemical pesticide businesses skip the applicator license process also failed.

His bill (HB1195) sought to allow the government to restrict a landowner's right to create and transfer a conservation easement. It failed.

And, my favorite: He was a co-sponsor of a bill to outlaw surrogate mother contracts.  HB1218 would have prevented surrogate grandmother Arlette Schweitzer from carrying her daughter Christa's twins. That family would not have happened had Russell had his way.

The guy's just mean. Bob should run.


caheidelberger said...

Mean? Lance? That nice fellow who helped Canadian uranium miners get around those big, mean South Dakota water regulations? And who helped pass SB 158 so his mother could enjoy even more profit from the uranium mining leases on her land? What a nice boy.

Duffer said...

Party-switching (if that's the necessary avenue to run as a Republican) in District 30 has a track-record of being frowned upon. One would need to take care in "handling" that situation. Hard to run and win without support from the "machine". Bob says "what machine"?

Just sayin.

Bob Newland said...

Snake-handler mean.

BF said...

Duff, I think that's only if you're switching from D to R. Bob's not a D. He's an L. There are lots of R's who are also L's, especially in Southwest SD.

Les said...

No matter how much Pierre polishes it turds, Newland will come to town and call them for what they are.

As to Russell, a public reprimand does little to cover the hundreds of thousands lost by investors who purchased lots on that golf course. It seems obvious this was a witch hunt for the normal gains, orchestrated by Schjodt who led Lance by his ear. The SD supreme>>>>

larry kurtz said...

So Bob wins the primary and the Dems stand down. With whom does he caucus?

Duffer said...

Bill Fleming (BF)? I agree . . they love to jump on Dem switchers. Liberos are held in higher regard. Whad'ya think . . . could he win as a Libertarian, or should he fill out the R card?

Larry (IP?) . . . that's what I'm sayin. Caucus? Would he have a brother or sister in arms in the cowtown?

It'd have entertainment value for me. I think that's how this could be sold - this non-candidacy.