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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Ward 3 Race...whooboy...

I confess I do not know Chad Lewis. And, I've met Jerry Wright, but really don't know him either.

But, what a contrast we have in the two candidates for Bill Waugh's council seat!

I have said here that I do not believe Mr. Wright ought to be on the council. His statements in his Rapid City Journal profile here should convince anyone paying attention that I'm right. Jerry wants to concentrate on the timber, mining, grains and cattle industries to grow Rapid City's economy and create jobs. Whew. Kind of have to read that twice, don't you? Rapid City has such a rich history in soybeans and millet... And, the council just killed the backyard chicken thing...what say we attract a nice feedlot or packing plant in that prime real estate near Rushmore Crossing.

Wright has spent his entire life as either a bureaucrat, soldier and student. He's never had to worry about making a payroll. He's never had to make private sector decisions. He's never spent his own money to create a job. His only experience in creating jobs is to include new ones in his city landfill budget.

In contrast, take a look at the Chad Lewis profile here. Here's a guy who has been around the world. He has an excellent education and owns several construction and development businesses. He knows how to meet a payroll. He knows how to stretch a dollar. He's young and has new ideas and he's motivated to keep his young children here when they finish school.

Lewis wants to concentrate on quality of life issues and economic development, and he understands the two are related.

There's a common sense factor in this race. Lewis is a refreshing presence in the race.

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taco said...

Lewis is doing pretty well in my neighborhood.