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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Bill Fleming suggested I take a quiz at The link is here.

It is an interesting quiz. I took it and here are my results, which probably will surprise nobody:

Mike is a right social libertarian. He is also a slight non-interventionist and somewhat culturally liberal. Mike's scores (from 0 to 10):

Economic Issues: +3.46 right
Social Issues: + 5.19 libertarian
Foreign policy: + 1.29 non-interventionist
Cultural Identification: +3.26 liberal

I have said all along that I want my legislators to spend my tax dollars wisely. I expect the judiciary to error on the side of liberty. And, I expect the executive branch to work toward team building and compromise to get the best possible result for the taxpayer.

Bill's results were:

Bill is a left moderate social libertarian. Bill is also a non-interventionist and culturally liberal. Bill's scores (from 0 to 10):

Economic issues:+5.67 left
Social issues:+2.85 libertarian
Foreign policy:+6.66 non-interventionist
Cultural identification:+6.14 liberal

I have no doubt that those on the far right will find me to be a RINO, which is just fine with me. Those on the left think I'm nuts, because I believe people have a right to keep what they earn and I don't believe my tax dollars should be spent on those too lazy to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. I do believe tax dollars should be spent to help people to find a way to help themselves.


Bill Fleming said...
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Bill Fleming said...

Note to anyone interested:

It's a long test. 50 questions or so. Take your time with it.I should maybe take it again. I kind of ignored the bottom (intensity) part rushing through it. But I don't really disagree with my result. If it changes radically the 2nd time, I'll repost the result.

repete said...

Hard to disagree with that Mike... Even liberals don't want freeloaders.
Question though, if most of us are basically moderate, why are the elections so bi-polar?

DDC said...

I guess they consider "far right" to only be applicable to economic issues. I usually consider "far-right" to be more of a social thing.

Far-right social libertarian here.

Economic Issues: + 9.02 right
Social Issues: + 7.75 libertarian
Foreign policy: + 5.11 non-interventionist
Cultural Identification: +3.43 liberal

I think the "Cultural Identification" rating is a bit wonky. Just because I don't want the government to fund something doesn't mean I don't think it should exist.

I also don't really think that "condemning another culture as barbaric..." is a very valid question. Just because I think that there are some really nasty places in the world doesn't mean that I want the government to go in and try and change things by force. I can still condemn them without thinking we should change it with force.

Still a much better quiz than most of these. The 10-15 question ones are just ridiculous in that they are basically yes/no and that so rarely applies (to me). This is nice in that it doesn't pigeon-hole you quite as much.

Bill Fleming said...

DDC, that's a classic libertarian profile. I'm guessing you're a fan of Ron Paul and less so his son Rand.

You and Newland should get along splendidly.

BTW, I took the quiz a second time and it didn't change things enough to make any corrections here. A point here a point there, same moderate liberal profile, in spite of Mike's insistence that I'm a left wing nut (trust me, I know some... I'm not one of them.)

Sorry to disappoint, gentlemen.

larry kurtz said...

ip: left social libertarian.
Left: 5.99, Libertarian: 3.88

Foreign policy -3.84
Culture -7.88