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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Olbermann Returns

Keith Olbermann, radical uber-liberal wingnut commentator for MSNBC, has been returned to his post and will broadcast Countdown again tonight.

You can read the US News & World Report article here.

Olbermann is to liberal media what O'Reilly is to the right-wing media. He's brighter than Beck, yet no less shrill. His return, however, likely has little to do with MSNBC's re-thinking of their policy against having on-air people give financial aid to political parties and more to do with Olbermann's loyal fan base and their angry response to Olbermann's suspension.

He's baaaaack. We wonder if MSNBC will try to put a shock collar on him. I doubt it. The fans have spoken...300,000 of them. Being the capitalists that the execs at MSNBC are, that should come as no surprise.

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DDC said...

I'm not sure if they did this for publicity or if they simply realized how ridiculous it is to suspend someone that basically runs a 1 hour nightly opposition research program for making political donations to the people that he supports on-air.

At first I thought they were trying to get rid of him, but that didn't make much sense as they are pushing their "Lean Forward" campaign to draw in even more progressive viewers.

I really don't understand why we try and hold our journalists (I use this term very loosely when it comes to Olbermann) to a standard that is unattainable. Everyone has a bias. It's much better to know what that bias is than it is to try and suppress it it and pretend it doesn't exist.

The one thing I did find incredibly funny about all of this is that Olbermann got caught with his pants down. I remember just a few months ago he went on one of his ten minute rants about Glenn Beck speaking at CPAC. He acted as if this was the worst thing that could possibly happen. He then went on to brag about how MSNBC wouldn't allow him to speak at a gathering of Democratic senators because "that's what real news organizations do!" and so on and so forth. He acted like he was so wonderful and such a great unbiased journalist because he didn't didn't do a speech to people that believe the sames things that he does.

He also said a couple of years ago that he doesn't vote because he doesn't want to appear to have a "horse in the race".

Lastly, has anyone ever seen Milhouse Mussolini Van Houten and Olbermann in the same room?