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Monday, November 8, 2010

Krauthammer Nails It

Today's Rapid City Journal dead tree version contains Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer's analysis of last Tuesday's carnage. It is worth the read.

Krauthammer has nailed the message I've been trying to communicate for some time. He's an elegant writer and an astute political analyst, (whose opinions very nearly mirror mine.) Best line in the column:
"The lesson of Tuesday is that the American game is played between the 40-yard lines."


Donna said...

Excellent article, Michael. Thanks for sharing. I am concerned by Obama's response to the election results. There is something about his use of the word "persuaded" that is just plain unsettling. He implies that he has been remiss in his ability to "persuade" the people of this country to accept his ideas. There is absolutely no way to "persuade" me to believe that ObamaCare is good for us, or that we aren't to be concerned about the explosive spending spree.

Duffer said...

this line of comment would be credible had any involved made these remarks when Bush Jr. was spending money "off the books" for anything republicans like.

Sans those comments (show me), this is all nothing but drivel.

Donna said...

When you look at the Debt/GDP ratio, Truman wins with a huge 120%. Obama is currently at about 75%, up from 65% for Bush. Granted, some of the increase from the last 2 years could still be a Bush era issue, but extrapolate this under Obama, and we could see it over 100% by 2014. Spending/GDP expected to rise from a long standing average of 20%, to 25%.

Duffer said...

"granted, some of the increase from the last 2 years could still be a Bush era issue". (I'm snickering here).

It is, in fact, a continuation of the financial rescue program initiated by Hank Paulsen (Bush's rep from Goldman/Sachs) in reaction to a financial disaster that has its roots all the way back to Reagans' administration. Bill Clinton (and his boy Robert Rubin) is in this up to his neck too. Republicans/Democrats . . whomever you want to point a finger at are leading this country to financial ruin. Disciples of Milton Friedmans plan for a corporatist state/world.

Obama's current effort is a continuation of the same doomed policies. Bernanke and the Fed, as we speak, are selling the dollar the rest of the way down the monetary drain buying 600 billion in T-bills.

This isn't Obama, as much as you'd like it to be. He's the schmuck holding the bag. Your GOP boys wouldn't be doing any differently - other than "charging it" rather than actually accounting for it in deficit terms.

Complain if you want, your government deserves it, but don't paint this as something new.

Les said...

Donna when you speak of the debt/gdp ratio at 75% currently, that published number is another great lie, similar to single digit reporting on double digit unemployement. It is already over 100%.

Our GDP should have the GFP (gross foreign product) stripped off it and stand alone.

It would show a much different state of our nation if accurately portrayed.

Marty Joe said...

Duffer nails this issue - Rubin and Paulsen, lest not forget Darth Greenspan, done steered this country into financial ruin....