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Friday, October 8, 2010

Woh! Glad I'm not Pete Fuller.

One would assume the Judicial Qualifications Commission has seen pretty convincing evidence that Judge Fuller has committed one or more of the following: A violation of the judicial code, willful misconduct in office, habitual intemperance, or a violation of any constitutional provisions or statutes or conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice and brings a judicial office into disrepute.

So what do you think it is?


larry kurtz said...

Simple. Pete is a Democrat in a state full of douchbags.

Bob Newland said...

He was appointed to the position by Janklow, so I don't think it's that simple.

larry kurtz said...
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Don Frankenfeld said...

I don't have a clue, but I'm in his corner. I've known him a long time, as a lawyer, a lobbyist, a judge and a friend. He is a good man. A strong Democrat, but a good man in spite of it.

Hell, Newland, even the best of us stray from the true path from time to time (ahem). I feel badly for Pete, and I'm thinking only good thoughts about him.

larry kurtz said...

Judge Fuller: if you find yourself here at The Forum, ip would love to have some counsel about filing an injunction against the SDGFP commission to stop the 2011 cougar season. 605-foureightfour-7288.

Bill Fleming said...

Pete is a good friend of mine as well. Not sure he's a Democrat, but maybe. I know when people run for judicial office, it is always non-partisan, and Pete was elected in a runoff with two other challengers a few years back after having been appointed to the seat by then Governor Bill Janklow, as Bob Notes above.

I can't imagine what this is all about but I sure wish him all the best. He's a super human being on any number of fronts.

DDC said...


Why don't you just give him a call? Might improve your odds a bit.

You can find his number here:

Lead Chamber of Commerce Directory

Something tells me he's probably got more important things to do, though.

Les said...

Larry, you think cougars are at the top of Judge Fullers list right now?

I wonder how much enjoyment Pete finds in the cougar stalking his night time activities in the canyon?

It is sad to see anyone fall.

John Kelley said...

I don't know. And won't speculate. Judges are held to the almost super human standard of avoiding the "appearance of impropriety". "Appearance" can often be in the eye of the beholder. Allow it play out. Allow a defense before casting the first stone.

Bill Fleming said...

Larry, you won't find him here. Not even lurking. He thinks blogs are goofy. yeah. Goofy.

larry kurtz said...

guess i spelled douchebags incorrectly.


Bob Newland said...

I want to have respect for Judge Fuller, but if thinks blogs are "goofy," how can I?

Bill Fleming said...

Good point, Bob. Take Sibby and Ellis's blogs for example. No goofiness there. Or this one. Sheesh, what is my man Pete thinking?

Bhportal said...

Well, I heard what it's about from a reliable source and it doesn't sound good for our friend Pete! I don't want to start an online rummer mill. I would encourage everyone to pray for the whole "Fuller" family and the State of South Dakota if there is any weight to what I heard. This is very serious and those who are investigating this have a tough job ahead.

BeenThere said...


An observation or two from a participant in Mr. Fullers not so legal arena.

The nature of some allegations portends the postulation that they must be assumed accurate until proven otherwise.

Should one find themselves reliant on the Judicial System to function in the manner sufficient as to accurately assay the accuracy of allegations of this nature......take note.

Perhaps at one time Mr Fuller possessed the judicial aptitude of Solomon. If so, that time has passed.........perhaps it has slipped away...jaded by the years?

The lives of my family have adversely affected, irreparable damage done, including a minor. I speak from first hand experience.

No judicatory should lower it's standard to such a level.

Bob Newland said...

BeenThere: Interesting on a number of levels. Wouldn't mind knowing more details.

BeenThere said...

Hello Bob.

The damage to my family and myself cannot be can be compounded.

Public allegations, once stated, saddle one with the burden..... regardless of any genuine value.

As Mr. Fuller and fellow blogger s may well now realize.

You ask that I publicly add to my families burden...........I will not.

I would privately discuss with the understanding that my family be untouched.

I would also find it quite interesting should you anticipate more.

Bob Newland said...

BeenThere: You are welcome to contact me by email at or to call me at 605-255-4032. You have my assurance of confidentiality.

Allan said...

Good evening Bob.

For the first time in its 121-year history, the South Dakota Supreme Court will decide if a sitting judge should be removed from the bench.

The dire nature of such a statement permeates thought on many levels.

Nothing good comes of reveling nor straying down the path enlightened by "Dick The Butcher".

Been There said...

In a unanimous decision, the five justices found that Fuller violated constitutional provisions and ethics codes that require judges to conduct themselves in ways to promote public confidence in the judicial system. They said they believe he is capable of rehabilitation.

The justices noted the case marked the first time in the 121-year history of South Dakota's judicial system that the Supreme Court had been asked to remove a judge from the bench.

Fuller damaged the reputation of the judicial system, made insensitive racial and sexist jokes, insulted lawyers, conducted himself on the bench with unconscionable arrogance, used abusive language and rudely mistreated court personnel, the Supreme Court found.

("Quoted from the Rapid City Journal")

Been There said...

Hello Bob.

Your thoughts?