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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tellin' it like it isn't for profit

From Alan Garcia, President of Peru (you think this guy doesn't get a payoff from both the USA and the drug cartels?)

"I think this (drug legalization) is like opening the way for the degradation of human beings, because if we legalize marijuana as a soft drug then we will legalize cocaine as hard drugs, and finally we will also legalize the elimination of the elderly, as in the old societies, because they can no longer contribute to the production," he said.

García added that his government's position is firm and will not change before he leaves office next July "even though those who raise the flag of the drug legalization are very intelligent and well-known and noisy." He said he will always oppose advocates of ending drug prohibition because "they represent, without knowing it, the backward step of the human being in his path to freedom, which is basically the way of his conscience, i.e. to use his skills without escapes through drugs."

Not only will drug legalization lead to killing grandma, García said, it will lead mankind down a death spiral to "fascist barbarism" and genocide.


Neal said...

Sounds just like Ellis.

larry kurtz said...

This from the Helena Independent Record.

larry kurtz said...

Bob, it seems to me that IM13 is a vote for the right to self-treatment guaranteed by the right to privacy; that part of your Libertarianism speaks to me.

It is at that very core of America's strength where all strict constitutionalists have to concede to the people making decisions for themselves to interpret. That's where conservatism fails.

Bob Newland said...

The 9th and 10th amendments to the constitution address people making decisions for themselves.

Conservatism fails because many self-described "conservatives" don't believe the rhetoric that defines conservatism.