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Friday, October 8, 2010

Here's what I hear...

I circulated around as many waterholes as I could this afternoon looking for Pete Fuller stuff. What I found was that information requires consumption of illegal amounts of rocket fuel and is somewhat cryptic when one gets it.

Here's what I think from what I heard.

The State's Attorney's office (Glenn Brenner) has systematically bumped Fuller from its cases before him for some time. That is to say that, as a matter of policy, the Pennington Co. State's Atty's office has preemptively removed Judge Fuller from the possibility of hearing a case brought by the PCSA's office. That is the right of any party in court, to some extent. I don't know if that extent was exceeded.

I further gathered that the Pennington Co. State's Atty's office brought a complaint before the Judicial Ethics Committee (or whatever it's called) specifying either a single violation of ethics on the part of Judge Fuller or a pattern of such violations. That complaint resulted in the current news flurry about Judge Fuller.

The foregoing are only allegations I heard from sources who acknowledged that they were "informed speculation." If someone wants to refute them, we're all ears.

I tried to call Judge Fuller tonight, but was only able to leave a message on a recorder.

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