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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Senator Tom Nelson (R-Lead SD) endorses Measure 13

In the October 6 edition of the Black Hills Pioneer, South Dakota Senator Tom Nelson is quoted as saying that he will vote "yes" on Measure 13. I confirmed the accuracy of the quote in a phone call with Tom this morning. You can read the edition online if you have a subscription. I invested $7.50 just to read the paragraphs I quote below.

The five legislative candidates from District 31 engaged in a forum Tuesday night at Black Hills State Univ. at Spearfish. Here is the pertinent part of the story from the Pioneer:
The final question asked for the candidates’ opinion on Initiated Measure 13, which will legalize medicinal marijuana. While all of the candidates mentioned personal experiences with friends or family who experienced painful illness or disease who may or may not have benefited from such a measure, they had mixed feelings about it.

[House Candidate Kevin] O’Dea, [Rep. Fred] Romkema and [Rep. Chuck] Turbiville said they will vote no on the measure. Because of the broadness of the measure’s language, as well as the problems they have heard from other states that have legalized it, the three said that they will not support the measure.

[Sen. Tom] Nelson said that he felt that the measure is strict enough and he will vote yes.

[Senatoral Candidate Nyla] Griffith said that she really would like to legalize marijuana for medical use, but she said that she needs to do some more research about the regulations before she can say for sure how she will vote.

Newland's comments: O'Dea, Romkema, and Turbiville demonstrate that they have neither read the text of Measure 13 nor done any investigation into the "problems" in other states, which exist largely because law enforcement will not enforce the laws as written.

Someday, one or more of them may have an opportunity presented to them by their own experience with cancer or MS. We'll see then how "mixed" their feelings are.

Nyla Griffith's comments are just plain goofy. She and her husband Tom were the ad agency that represented the medical marijuana measure on the ballot in 2006. I think she just did not want to agree with her opponent, Tom Nelson, on ANYTHING.


can't read directions said...

that's funny . .

Wayne Gilbert said...

Bravo to Senator Tom Nelson--I think he has always been a thinking person's Republican, a species of which there are damn few.

Bob Newland said...

One of about five Republican legislators whose knuckles don't drag as they mount the marble steps.

DDC said...

Uh oh.

Someone just got crossed off of Ellis' Christmas card list.

Thank you for showing that you are capable of independent thought, Sen Nelson. Too many Republicans are scared to stray from the party line on this.

"press" - Second time in the last couple of days that I got "press" for my verification word.

Bob Newland said...

Hmm. And where's Phat Powers with his "ditchweed" commentary.

grudznick said...

Bob, Bob, Bob. You know I don't care what you put in your body but I want you to be honest. You just want to grow weed and smoke it. Get off your "care-giver" horse, and admit you put that opt-out for felons who would not have been convicted if this had been in effect in there just so you can keep your own herb garden.