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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Repete speaks

Newland note: Repete sent this to me. I thought it encapsulated a not-uncommon perspective, and I asked if I could post it. He assented. See y'all tomorrow at 10:30 at Dunn Bros.

Alcoholic Bi-Polar Political Masturbation
by Repete

Drunken angry conservatives versus aghast stoned liberals... That is who
has the voice on the internet and hence by that same modern medium's assumption, the voice of the people.

I believe there is a lonely right-wing online drinking club (disjointed maybe, but still birds of a feather) who, emboldened by alcohol and anonymity and filled with self-righteous common sense, imagine they speak for most all conservatives.

They allow alcohol to bolster their delusional, self-indulgent, bipolar anger. The world just isn't right anymore. They become addicted to the sweet bitterness of self pity and 'Alcoholic Bi-Polar Political Masturbation' is the result. F[rig] spending, f[rig] health care, f[rig] unions, f[rig] illegals, f[rig] everything, f[rig], f[rig], f[rig]! Alcoholic Bi-Polar Political Masturbation is like a kid discovering his pee pee, it just feels too good to stop.

They believe they sing and dance with conservative logic but being loud and obnoxious does not make them the belle of the ball nor admired by the majority. Being loud and obnoxious does give them the voice of the Tea Party, just add a little Jack, please.

The problem is this drunken right wing is so happy being outraged with their own rhetoric that they have no idea what they are really fighting for, dictionaries and Wikipedia be damned! They're not overly worried though, as luck would have it, the fascist left-wing whackos are off getting snacks anyway. Good thing. Morning comes early when you're drunk by 7.


Bill Dithmer said...

Great post Repete. While we are talking about obstacles to clear mental thought shouldn’t we also give credit to some of the other things that humans can get addicted to?
One of the most addictive is food. Another is gambling. Tobacco ranks right up there with heroin, Exercise is also addictive for some. Believe it or not some people become physically ell if they don’t exercise at regular intervals. How about sex. Yup somewhere along the line for some it becomes an obsession that cant be stopped without some major intervention. And of course there is the internet. Political whores, recipe junkies, newshounds, weather watchers, and game players all can share in this addiction. TV has its share of shared addiction. Talk shows, news shows, late night tv, live sports, the outdoor channel, and The History Channel MTV and CMT. For some it is religion, every other word that is said relates to their particular brand of religion and no amount of arguing will change how they feel.
What do all of these things have in common? Well they all cause the brain to change chemically. Now whether we realize it or not all of us go through the same chemical reactions, it is just less in some cases and more in others. The over use of any of these things can cause problems for people their families, and their communities if taken to extremes.
Now medical marijuana comes along and the world is going to stop spinning if it used to ease the suffering of a few people. There are no long term side effects, it isn't physically addictive, it works for what it is intended, and it is relatively cheap to produce. All of these things can be backed up by thousands of studies from all over the world. On the other hand there are 0 either OTC or prescribed drugs that don’t come without a disclaimer or a warning on the package because of their own studies involving the risk. Can someone give me the name of one medication other then cannabis that you cant overdose on? Damn I'm sitting here on the computer, listening to the TV, and jonesing for a corndog. Nuff Said.

Ken G said...

Great post!