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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gala coffee outing tomorrow morning

Repete says he'll be at Dunn Bros. Coffee House and Dispensary of Many Sweet Things at or around 10:30 am tomorrow, Sept. 16. (7th and Omaha, Rapid City SD)

That's where I'll be. You're welcome to come. I want you to come. I'll buy a beverage for you. The limit of my benevolence tomorrow morning is $67.32, so don't be late.

Repete says he knows why the cowboy crossed the hill.

Grudznick, you coming?


Michael Sanborn said...

I'm sorry to miss it. Previous engagements prevent me from attending.

DDC said...

Well, if I didn't have to work and was about 350 miles closer I'd be there. Let me know if there's an East River (or on the River) outing anytime in the near future.