The whole point of free speech is not to make ideas exempt from criticism but to expose them to it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

He did offer us a rope. I think it had a noose at the end.

Newland says: Used without permission of The New Yorker, where I found it.


Bob Ellis said...

A convicted dope dealer whose looking to expand his customer base talking about delusion and mental health. That's a good one! I think I'll be grinning in amusement the rest of the evening. :-)

Bill Dithmer said...

Is it possible that Bob Ellis is a closet Muslim? He hates anyone that drinks. He hates anyone that uses drugs of any kind. He wants to control all women's minds and their bodies. And he would like to destroy every other religion that doesn’t believe the same way he does.

Sorry about that I just wasn’t thinking. Its fundamentalist Christianity not fundamentalist Muslim. Never Mind.

larry kurtz said...

Ellis is a Calvinist Protestant, Bill, able to reconcile American capitalism with his misanthropic view of the human race as he 'prooftexts' just the gospels that suit his nefarious agenda to enable his self-loathing.

Although it's to tell sometimes, if you look a little closer you might discover SDWC running in a completel different direction.

Bob Newland said...

Can you imagine anyone else taking the abuse he takes here and still sticking around? Only thing I can figure is he knows he's bad and we give the best beatings.

Or else they delete him when he shows up elsewhere.

Donna said...

The fact that Bob will be "grinning in amusement for the rest of the evening" proves the theory that small minds are easily amused.