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Monday, April 5, 2010

Why Stephanie will likely lose

Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, a so-called Blue Dog Democrat is South Dakota's lone representative to the United States House of Representatives. And, she is on her way out.

Nancy Pelosi has allowed Stephanie to vote against the health care bill because she had the votes needed to pass without having to strong-arm those who live in states where such legislation drives voters to turn blue.

Stephanie avoided a primary race against Dr. Kevin Weiland by promising him she wouldn't support a health care bill repeal...whooo boy!

So now she will face either Blake Curd, a Republican state representative who is a physician, businessman and Gulf War Veteran; Chris Nelson, the most squeaky clean politician to come down the pike in years, a Republican who is currently Secretary of State and has served as election supervisor and has been a farmer; or Kristi Noem, a Republican state representative, businesswoman and rancher and Independent B. Thomas Marking a retired federal employee and former U.S. Foreign Service Member.

So here is my prediction: Herseth Sandlin will face Marking and Nelson in the general election and will lose to Nelson. People in South Dakota are sick of Democrats who think they have some notion of what it is like to eek out a living out here on the lone prairie.

And, Stephanie, who was born here, but really doesn't understand here, is ripe fruit for the picking. Enter Chris Nelson, who has demonstrated time and again that he is an independent-thinking Republican who is not afraid to shake up the good ol' boys in the GOP, witness his pursuit of the identity Roger Hunt's abortion bill benefactor.

Stephanie can either appease the Democratic Party or the voters in South Dakota, but she can't do both. Without the voters, she doesn't win. Without the donkeys, he has no money, and doesn't win. The Carpetbagger from D.C. is done. Stick a fork in her.


Alohakid said...

You are correct in some parts, but your assumption that Stephanie will lose to Chris Nelson is a little off base. He is not the politician Stephanie is no matter her politics. Unfortunately liberal Democrats were not allowed to send her a wake-up call. And, by the way, it wouldn't surprise me that she didn't need the Democrat's money to win.

Stace Nelson said...

I believe you are spot on with your assessment. People are tired of politics as usual. The arrogance they have witnessed this last year, SHS & Tim Johnson basically refusing town hall meetings on healthcare, etc., have awakened the silent majority. They are tired of politicians & Chris Nelson is not one.

Hopefully, that bodes well for us other non-politicians running this year.