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Monday, April 5, 2010

Light Posting and Other Matters

Now is the time of year when I become profoundly busy in short spurts. In a couple months I will become profoundly busy until August 16, and then I'll be too tired to post for at least another week after that.

Bob Newland is off snooping around bathrooms and Wal-Marts, doing what he does to make life better for you and I...the downtrodden consumer. He is a spy for hire, who's assignment it is to make sure that toilet paper is properly displayed, that burgers are suitably warm and gas station bathrooms are as lovely as we all expect them to be.

He complains here because this is where he can complain. And, we invite his complaints because we share his fatigue with know-it-all marketing persons who charge folks like Bob with the task of answering inane questions like: based upon your experience in the ESSO station restroom, would you recommend the ESSO station to your friends and neighbors?


Political wisdom, what little I have, will follow.

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