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Monday, April 5, 2010

How Heidepriem Could Win

Anybody notice Scott Heidepriem's ads? They're excellent. Here is a Democrat in South Dakota who is one of the few candidates out there making sense of how to handle the state's existing and forthcoming budget shortfalls. It's the first thing you see on his website.

Over at the Munsterman campaign the first thing you see is a bright yellow "Volunteer Today!" and "Contribute."

Dave Knudson's site features an ad that is very nicely produced...all music that talks about how he is the "only candidate" for governor...pretty good, but the message is too long and too ego-centric.

Gordon Howie, supposedly has moved into second place in the Republican race. That's according to a Rasmussen poll and I suspect the figures are dubious. Add to the mix that Gordon is a radical religious right candidate known for some crackpot statements in the past. He's a nice guy. And he's the self-proclaimed tea-party candidate. He intends to ride the wave of dissatisfaction with Democrats into the governor's mansion.

The first thing you see on Dennis Daugaard's website is an opportunity to donate and sign up to volunteer. Daugaard is the candidate who right now, I believe, is the best candidate for the job. Once inside the website, the reader is faced with several video opportunities and a news item which declares he is 17 points ahead of Heidepriem in the Rasmussen poll described above.

Mr. Daugaard needs to and has been distancing himself from Gov. Rounds. And, he currently holds a handsome lead over Heidepriem. My thought is that Heidepriem will gain popularity, the more he talks about real fiscal responsibility. Right now he and Daugaard are the only two talking about balancing the budget without tax increases. And, right now, Heidepriem's advertising is straight and to the point.

Unless Mr. Daugaard is able to hammer home the message that his plan for balancing the budget (clearly and concisely) is better than Heidepriem's, his "widening" lead will narrow. November is a long way away.

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