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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Senate Health Care Bill Public Option Gone

The Wall Street Journal has just posted a story on how Senate Democrats are close to having enough votes to advance sweeping health care legislation without a public option. Read it here. Senate Dems are embracing things that were discussed here for months. Here. Here. Here. and Here.

What say you Forumpians? Can the House pass a bill that doesn't contain their precious public option?


Bill Fleming said...

Yes, they can.

Bill Fleming said...

Heuvos rancheros.

sr citizen said...

Gone?! Dream on. It's just morphed into Medicare, i.e. public option out of Reid's own mouth. So it's still there. Should make you libs all toasty warm this Christmas. Semantics, politics, whatever. No wonder Congress' credibility is tanking. We little people aren't as dumb as the DC'ers seem to think.