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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cloture vote on Health Care Reform tonight...

Why in the world would ANY Senator not want to even DISCUSS the Senate bill? That's what the vote is about. Shall we have a discussion? Come on, people. This is where the rubber meets the road.


Anonymous said...

My understanding is that tonight's vote is not to pass the bill but to bring it to the floor of the Senate for debate.

Although, according to wikipedia, that means no more than 30 hours of debate, which does seem a little short short for a bill of this magnitude.

Michael said...

Does anyone truly believe it will be a discussion? Seems much more like a foregone conclusion with a bit of window dressing.

Speaking of discussion, that's been happening for months, if one includes the rest of the US outside of the Senate chamber.

John said...

Republicans are really addicted to that filibuster. It seems like every legislation now has to get past two seperate filibusters.

Republicans like to talk about how government doesn't work, but they're the ones causing it not to work.

Bill Fleming said...

Ok, let the circus begin. At least we got to see the Dems do what people presumably elected them to do. And why. The vote was very telling. I predict it will be the subject of many congressional elections to come.

Michael Sanborn said...

The vote tonight is the so-called nuclear option, which will prevent Republicans from debating the issue.

Democrats have the votes to do it. Republicans are powerless to stop them. Republicans have been allowed no part in this travesty, and it appears they won't have a part or be heard.

In the end, I predict that will be a good thing for Republicans.

I certainly hope none of those Democrats out there say cloture was necessary to keep the Republicans from a filibuster. Mr. Obama's promised bi-partisan effort toward a health care solution is much like his previous, broken promises.

This turkey is all yours, Democrats. Don't choke on it.

Bill Fleming said...

That's pretty much backward on every point you made Mike. But other than that, how ya doin'? Long time no see.

Michael Sanborn said...

Bill, been real busy trying to work some legislation.

The headline was misleading and I didn't check the date tag. Cloture was the wrong term, I think. The vote on the 21st opened the bill to debate.

A cloture vote, if memory serves, limits debate and is most often designed to stall a filibuster. Dems have (had) the votes to do that.

In any event, it looks like I was off between Saturn and Pluto.

What I've seen of the bill, I'll maintain it's still a turkey. Republicans, myself included, wished to debate a bill they had some involvement in writing. They were shut out of the preparation of this bill, which does not include torte reform, which is important to Republicans, myself included.

The bill can go through the Senate, and probably the conference committee without a single Republican thinking any part of it is good, which shuts out nearly have the American electorate.

That's unfortunate.