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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Power's client is one cool cat.

On a post below, Pat powers comes to the defense of his client/candidate, Dr. Scott Munsterman as to how we can maybe get Scott to answer Cory Heidleberger's questions — questions that Cory Heidleberger asked Scott over a week ago on August 24*.

Looks like maybe Pat's running interference, while the Doc does his nifty little disappearing act, huh?
* Recap of Cory's questions for Scott Munsterman:

"Where would [Dr. Munsterman] have found the $71 million dollars to plug this year’s state budget shortfall without accepting federal stimulus dollars?

How does he suggest we reduce the state budget so we can send our share of spirit-sapping federal stimulus dollars back in FY2011?

And what actions does Candidate Munsterman propose to fill the fiscal chasm that will yawn open again during the first year of the next gubernatorial administration when the stimulus runs out?"

Update: Good job, Cory! You finally got the cat to come out of the bag.


PP said...

Bill -

I would make a couple of minor corrections to your post.

The very day that Cory asked the question, he was given the phone number to the campaign, and personally invited to have an extended discussion with Scott.

In fact, I invited Sibby and Stan Gibilsco to do the same. Stan took him up on it, and reported on the results under the same post.

Personally, I don't think I'd characterize the offer of an interview as running interference or disappearing. Me? I'd call it the opposite.

If you have questions for Dr. Munsterman, the door is open for you as well.

Call the campaign at (605)695.3926, or drop me a note at, and I'm happy to put you together with Scott for an interview, or to answer any questions you might have about his views.

Otherwise, referring to Scott as a client is incorrect, because that infers that I'm being paid. Scott is not a client. I am volunteering for his campaign because I believe in his vision for South Dakota.

Regardless, if you want to have an honest and genuine conversation about the future of South Dakota with one of the Republicans Gubernatorial candidates, the door is wide open for you. All you have to do is to say "yes."

Bill Fleming said...


PP, please answer Cory's questions here on this thread. Then lets talk some more.

Otherwise, I think Mike got the letter from you and may already be in contact with the good doctor.

I don't want to get in the middle of his interview.

He's the real reporter.

I just help out in the cartoon, art, physics, metaphysics, and typesetting departments.

PP said...

Bill, great to hear that Mike is interested in doing it.

Otherwise, you can find the questions to Cory's questions over on his home site at

If you want to cut and paste his article in it's entirety here, I'm going to leave that up to you, since it's appearing over there, and I'd consider that coming close to infringing upon his content.

I'd rather direct people to read it over there.

Bill Fleming said...

Got it Pat. I've posted a link to Cory's page on the main body of the thread. Thanks.

p.s. if you want to remove one of your comments and not leave a trail, you have to delete it twice. I'm not sure if that option is available to you as a commenter or not. But I figure if someone deletes something it should be gone. Period.

If you want to experiment, go ahead and try it sometime. Post a test comment, then delete it, then delete the thing that says you deleted it. I think our readers quite enjoy that feature. Especially when they change their mind (which it's ok to do on this blog.)

Bill Fleming said...

p.s. Pat. My clients are my clients whether they pay me or not. If they pay me, they're also a "customer."

Bill Fleming said...

One last note, Pat.

Cory is welcome quote me on his blog any time he pleases. So are you. And vice versa. If you want to post something here above the comment section, let us know, and we'll make the arrangements.

Hopefully this is becoming a real Forum, not just a one man soapbox.