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Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh-oh, PP's taking incoming.

Check it out.


Taunia Adams said...


Bob Newland said...

Who is the "Bob" PP addresses in the comments on that page?

Michael Sanborn said...


It's Bob Mercer, longtime political columnist and reporter, who has the Pure Prairie Politics blog, which we'll add to our blog list as soon as I remember how to do it.

PP said...

If I'm "taking incoming" for noting the open door policy of the campaign, fine.

Bring it on.

If those in the blogosphere (and others) have questions for Dr. Munsterman they should feel more than welcome to call the campaign at (605) 695.3926 and arrange an interview with him.

I can assure you that Scott is extremely accessible, and as you might guess from his book which you can download for free at he’s not afraid to talk about his ideas for making South Dakota a better place. The book is about starting a conversation with South Dakota - and everyone is invited to ask questions, and join in the discussion.

If you’re not comfortable making the call directly, any of you are welcome to drop me a note at, and I’d be glad to facilitate it.

The door is open. Come join the conversation.

Bill Fleming said...

As per Cory, Pat, the door may be open alright, but the questions are still on the kitchen table sitting there unanswered.

So let's pick them up and read them again:
"Where would [Dr. Munsterman] have found the $71 million dollars to plug this year’s state budget shortfall without accepting federal stimulus dollars?

How does he suggest we reduce the state budget so we can send our share of spirit-sapping federal stimulus dollars back in FY2011?

And what actions does Candidate Munsterman propose to fill the fiscal chasm that will yawn open again during the first year of the next gubernatorial administration when the stimulus runs out?"

Why wait for us to e-mail them in or call you up?

You're here, we're here. The space is free. Run it down, my brother. Surely by now you guys have had a chance to think it over.

Corey asked your guy those questions on Aug 24.

Eight days ago and counting.

PP said...

Bill, I believe Cory had written about his reply at about 6am your time, and posted it shortly thereafter. That's about 2 hours before you posted your latest post on the topic, and about 1 3/4 hours before you replied to me below.

Otherwise, I'm a bit confused over the kerfuffle that has arisen over this. Cory had a question. We invited him to discuss it and any other questions he might have in a personal interview with the candidate.

I think David Montgomery of the Pierre Capitol Journal said it best when he noted "Wait, you're complaining about being offered a no-holds-barred interview with a gubernatorial candidate?"

Yes, Guilty as charged.

Because that's what we're offering to those writing blogs as well as the general media. No-holds-barred interview time with a gubernatorial candidate.

I realize that such an open door policy with the media - and yes, new media included - might be unusual in this day and age. But that's what we're saying.

You want access to the candidate? We will make it happen.

As I said, the door is open. If you have questions, call the campaign at (605) 695.3926 and arrange an interview with Dr. Munsterman. Or, if you're not comfortable doing that, drop me a note, and I'm happy to facilitate it.

If you want to complain about that policy, I can't prevent that. But the door is open, and you're welcome to step inside and talk.

Bill Fleming said...

Pat, see my more detailed reply on the Cheshire Cat post above.

And thanks for the feedback here.

I think it's great for us regular schlubs to be able to ask questions that don't get answered.

Hey, its better than nothin', right?

senor citizen said...

Herseth ought to hire PP to run her campaign!! Open door vs. her closed door.