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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New pix for Mike's post.

Sanborn details the differences between Krebs and Steph pretty well, but I think maybe this picture would have helped him tell the real story a little better. Whaddya think, Mike?


caheidelberger said...

Hee hee! Please, please, please, let Krebs be a real Tea Party devotée. I would so like to see such nonsense exposed to the full glare of a lengthy Congressional campaign.

Bill Fleming said...

Who knows, Cory? Maybe they're both just tryin' on hats.

Michael Sanborn said...

Do the hats match their shoes and handbag?

Here's her Cambridge Who's Who bio:

A better bio is here:

I'm not sure she's a real devotée of Tea Parties and Town Hall Meetings. But she's been fairly abused on the Dakota Women Blog here:

Powers himself did everything but call her a Twinkie here:

South DaCola was equally hard on her:

And, Sibby has a post about how she's no longer stupid here:

Bob Newland said...

I think "Shantel Krebs" is just too much, for a name, that is. I would, if I were her campaign manager, suggest she change her name.

Either "Marvella Krebs" or "Shantel Chantaise."

Bill Fleming said...

And then Bob, there are, of course the unavoidable questions — among those of our generation at least — about Shantel's shirt-tail relationship to "Maynard G. Krebs."

(Dear young people, if curious, just Google it. It's not worth providing a link. Just a wink.)

Bob Newland said...

I look at her picture. I look at her name. I remember hearing her explicate something on public radio. I look at her legislative record. I think she has already been elevated past her own level of incompetence.

She does have the potential of providing a laugh or two during the pre-primary shakedown.