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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thank you, Teddy.

The lion sleeps tonight.
Senator Edward Kennedy 1932-2009

We are now left to realize his and his brothers’ dreams. The quality of our children and grandchildrens’ lives and liberty will be, quite literally, his legacy.

Like Lincoln, the founder of the Republican Party, Kennedy wanted the best for — and from — every American. Because that dream, above all else, is our common bond.

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Matt H. said...

Ted Kennedy will be dearly missed. He worked passionately for a cause he cared deeply about right up to his final days. A fervent supporter of research to improve health, Sen. Kennedy recognized the importance of curing diseases instead of just treating them. Hopefully, we will find a cure for his disease in the near future.

Sen. Kennedy said it best when he told Your Congress-Your Health during the 110th Congress "We’re at the dawn of a new age in health research that holds great promise for the prevention, treatment, and even cure of major diseases. That’s why I’m fighting hard to increase the NIH budget and ensure that our country’s position as the leader in health research and innovation remains strong."