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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Looking for a little clarity? I have as little as anyone today.

So, nationally we have Michael Steele both for and against Medicare in one week, Senators McCain and Hatch blaming the fact that the Republicans can't reconcile what they both admit is an acute health care crisis because Teddy Kennedy is too sick to lead them into doing what's right, Senator Grassly arguing that we can't have a public option because then the people wouldn't have any options, and finally, Michael Steele again, arguing that while there may not be death panels, there for sure is a death book that tries to convince Veterans to commit suicide.

And then to top it off, we've got Grassley again, standing there nodding while one member of the crowd says if he could get enough people to go with him, he'd ride into Washington, guns a blazin', and Congressman Herger giving a shout out "Amen, God bless you. There's a great American!" to a guy who just yelled "I'm a proud right-wing terrorist."

And then locally we've got the empty-chair, CFL kangaroo court rally last weekend complete with Dr. Truth and carnival barker Gordo, wherein participants grill Senators over a House Bill they're not even considering and wondering why they're not getting any satisfactory answers to their half-baked, largely irrelevant questions.

And finally, to top it all off, we have one of the RCJ editors making a joke about not being able to torture people like they used to in the good old days, doggone it.

Keep in mind, all these are people who swear to high heaven that they are God fearing Christians who love Jesus and claim to emulate him in all their actions — people who profess absolute fealty to the US Constitution, reason, justice, and the rule of law.

Whew... did I leave anything out?

Oh yeah.

Steve Sibson's checking in on a post below, trying to tell me some knock knock jokes or something.

I think I'm gonna call it a day and start over.

Keep the faith, people.


Anonymous said...

The senators might not be considering the house bill right now, but it seems the process will involve both house and senate passing a bill and then getting together in committee and working something out. So the senate had been be aware of what is in the house bill.

As for a person yelling out about being a right wing extremist, so what? We are being accused of being a mob, terrorists, astroturf, etc, and sometimes people shout back that if that's what certain people (Pelosi) think of us, then we will satirically call ourselves that.

BTW, how about the real, honest to goodness astroturfing being done now in the open by Obama et al and his Organizing for America bussing people to rallies in favor of his health care bill with professional signs and disrupting town halls. They are doing this in the open, when this is what Pelosi accused those against this helath care plan of doing. I've been to public meetings, I drove myself, I made my own signs, I asked my own questions. Not exactly astroturf.

The Dems are a bunch of hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

correction to first paragraph above," So the senate had better be aware of what is in the house bill." Sorry!

Bill Fleming said...

Certainly the ones who ran as Democrats but are voting like Republicans are, Anon.

Taunia Adams said...

Anon, would it be that hard to call yourself something besides anon? I think we'd all like to know if we're dealing with one or multiple unknowns.

GOP Chairman Michael Steele also called GOP former House Majority Leader Roy Blunt "in the crapper".

"It sounds like Chairman Steele agrees with Leader Boehner that our party lost its way, and part of our responsibility is earning back the trust of the American people by offering better solutions to the problems they face," said a Boehner spokesman named, oddly enough, Michael Steel.

Which side is Michael Steele batting for exactly? Or, *gasp* does he recognize the real problems?

Now if we can just get Blunt to give up on Obama's birth certificate conspiracy.

unidentified said...

OK, I'll be "unidentified" from here on out.


Bill Fleming said...

Good point, on the Anon thing, Taunia. I'm going to take that up with the boys.

Bill Fleming said...

"Un," is there a reason you won't use your real name?

unidentified said...

Well, actually I'm on the lam or maybe in the witness protection program or maybe in a sensitive job. I suppose you will ban me eventually if I don't leave my name, but I'm not calling people names, I'm not advocating violence and never would, I simply disagree with you and offer a little discussion.

Bill Fleming said...

Just asking, "Un." No worries, you're not getting banned. It's just more fun to think of people as having a name and a personality, you know? How about "UnCola?"

Michael Sanborn said...

We're glad to have you aboard, Un. But, unidentified is ... well ... uninteresting. May I suggest:


sorry, I'm becoming unendurable.

Bill Fleming said...

Crocodile Undee?

Eh? Eh?

(...c'mon, you know you like it.)

Taunia Adams said...

Once we get to know you, you're family.

And just like family holidays, it can get all screwed up (screaming, tempers, hostility, you name it).

BF and Sanborn will ground us for this behavior. It's all good.

BTW, Unidentified blows. How about something else?