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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So Teddy, tell ya what we're gonna do...

Let's get this done, people.


Bob Newland said...

By all means. A guy dies. So let's pass a program that will bankrupt the United States.

Bill Fleming said...

There's no reason to assume that, Bob. In fact, the bankrupting of the US is occurring under the current system, one preexisting condition, layoff or emergency room visit at a time.

betty76 said...

instead of declaring bankruptcy, we declare war.

at least if we went bankrupt trying to help people, rather than hurt them, it would be morally justifiable.

maybe we should stop subsidizing monsanto and exxon and ford?

part of the problem is that we desperately need new modus operandi with new infrastructure. that stuff costs money. unfortunately we've squandered all the money we had building crap we didn't need, passing our wealth from the commonwealth to individuals.

there are two ways to get it back: 1. take it back and 2. earn it back. so as far as i see it, the options are:

revolution (we don't have the guts and would start back at zero), tax the hell out of the rich (that would be 'un-american'), become slaves to the capitalists (hmmm, sounds familiar), or borrow money and make good use of it so that we will actually make money in the long-run (a paradigm that is paradoxically encouraged for individuals, but shunned for our nation).

i think we should fix the health care system in honor of a great man, the likes of whom are rare in this country (and on this blog).