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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Satan is very seductive.

Hermosa SD 2/19/2014 Battle Creek Press International:

Today So. Dak. Sen. Cecil Hardwhack (R-Deers Ears) introduced SB 2334, which would prevent state agencies from using tree rings to tell the age of trees.

Hardwhack said, "I used to think that you could tell the age of trees by counting the rings in a cross-section of the trunk, but I changed my mind when I heard Bill Nye-The Heathen Science Guy say that there were trees whose rings numbered to 8000. Well, that's simply impossible since everyone knows that God started the world 6250 years ago. So, I don't want my daughters and grand-daughters, some of whom are together in the first grade, being taught something that is Biblically impossible. I mean, Jesus, if they hear that, they might also hear that being homosexual is beyond their control. I don't want my daughters and grand-daughters being rug munchers and if they count tree rings they might be. Satan is very seductive."

SB 2334 mandates, if passed, that: "All So. Dak. employees must stop using tree rings as a measure of the age of trees. If necessary in the course of their jobs, state employees will calculate the age of trees by using the Jensen/Hickey formula, which states that the 'point of origin of any item can not, by definition, be more than 6250 years ago.'"

Asked, "Do you think this flies in the face of logic?", Hardwhack said, "I can't deal with your stupid questions about logic and remain true to my conviction that the Bible was written by God who had his hand on the pen of all those who wrote on the holy paper."

Asked, "Do you think there are people writing laws in South Dakota whose pens are being steered by God?", Hardwhack said, "I think it's fairly obvious whose pens are being steered by God and whose by Satan."

Rep. Louvely Bestworth (D-Isabella) said, "I believe in God and all that, but these, these details…, I get so confused."

Rep. Lance Russell, (R-Hot Springs) said, "I know what she means."

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