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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Even God can't play both ends in South Dakota...

Hermosa SD 2/18/2014 Battle Creek Press International:

Today So. Dak. Rep. Louvely Bestworst (D-Isabella) introduced legislation that would require more transparency from God, at least in South Dakota.

HB 2121, if passed into law, requires God "to disclose His or Her reasons for any actions taken in South Dakota."

Rep. Bestworst said, "It's just not right for God to hide behind 'works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform.' We're elected by the people of this state to do everything from funding education to putting people in jail for trying to feel better. We have to have open debate on every little thing we do. Why should God be able to slap us with blizzards and floods without even so much as a 'How do you do?'"

Sen. Cecil Hardwhack (R-Deers Ears), who is pastor of a small church in rural Butte County, said, "If this bill passes, I don't want to be anywhere near this building. If HB 2121 passes, I will quit at that moment."

Bestworst said, "There's another reason to pass it."

Several Republican legislators and a couple of Democrats as well were seen heading for the Capitol basement carrying rattlesnakes.

Asked if her bill was satirical, Bestworst said, "I'm just sick of God telling some of us one thing and some of us the complete opposite. If God wants to lobby the legislature, let him pony up the 50 bucks for a lobbyist's badge."

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