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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our cross to bear...

A constituent posted the following comment, which I deleted from the thread of comments:

Pastor Hickey wants you to say it is for people who need it and not people who want it because it is fun.

So do I Mr. Newland. Say you just want to smoke weed and I will support your effort and buy stamps and speak well of your cause. Pawn it off on sick people and I call you a liar.

Delete my post as usual and then you just sleep knowing you are an asshole.
Here's what I'll say: A plant that grows wild and/or cultivated is ours to use as we wish. I happen to enjoy its use. I may or may not have a "medically recognized" reason to use it. That part is irrelevant. I don't give a fuck whether you "support my effort and buy stamps and speak well of my cause." In fact, your opposition is probably helpful to us.

Some sick people find cannabis use quite relevant. Others simply find it enjoyable. Assholes, especially, find it enjoyable. Fuck Grudznick or whoever posted the message I quote above.

I hope you sleep well. I shall. I AM an asshole. But I can't hold a candle to the assholery exhibited in the five sentences in blue above.

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