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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Exploiting compassion to legalize weed...

From a facebook exchange...

Steve Hickey: Bob, you do have a shot with me on this and for starters I'll say the letters were read. Can't say that for everything we get, which is a lot of stuff. In the past my view has been that people are exploiting compassion to legalize weed but if its narrowed to those who can prove they benefit from it medically it's certainly something for me to consider again. At this point I have reasons to vote for it and reasons to vote against it. Put me in the maybe column and I hope it gets a fair hearing. It'll be interesting to see what committee gets it. I'm on the Health and Human Services committee which would make sense for this but it may go to Judiciary or perhaps State Affairs as that committee gets the bills that are sensational.

So Hickey is okay with cannabis if they can prove it makes them feel better, but opposed to cannabis if people only say it makes them feel better?

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