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Monday, July 23, 2012

Read the Bills

Rand Paul has introduced the most important bill in recent memory into the US Senate. It is called the Read the Bills Act. It would require every member of congress to either attest to having read a bill on which (s)he vote or to be present while the bill is read in open session (every bill would be thus read).

This bill, upon passage into law, will, simply be the greatest advance for liberty seen in a generation or two.


chad sechsington said...

on one hand, i'm dismayed that things even had to get to the point where legislation is introduced to assure congress does their job, but on the other hand, i think it's a great idea. i'd particularly like to hear the excuses from the downvoters of this bill.

larry kurtz said...

Get Gary Johnson into the debates. Application for media credentials here.

Rand Paul is a stark, raving earth hater.

Bob Newland said...

Even a stopped clock..., Larry.

The Read the Bills Act is good for everyone.

repete said...

This assumes they have the intelligence to comprehend what they read.

Bob Newland said...

Funny, repete. We already know their comprehension is in the area of that of a pea. The important thing about this bill is that it will...

1. Make bill writers create simple, short laws; and

2. Slow the process of creating new laws, almost none of which are needed.