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Monday, July 23, 2012

A U.S. Attorney at her very worst

On NPR's All Things Considered today, I heard this 4-minute story:
Large California pot dispensary threatened with closure. I think you should listen to it.

Obama said he'd stop arresting people for cannabis offenses if they were acting legally under state law. His Attorney General, Eric Holder, reiterated that promise. What has happened has been a boon for the same people who have sold weed illegally for half a century.

The US Attorney for California, Melinda Haag, and her little suckass assistant-USAs have initiated a multi-front attack on the medical cannabis dispensaries that leave no doubt Holder and Obama are liars. Inherent in their actions is the fact that by their actions they are working for the illegal weed distributors.

If you vote for Obama, you vote for blatant criminality. If you vote for Romney, you vote for blatant blahblah. There is Gary Johnson, you know.

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larry kurtz said...

DEA, CIA directing Mexico drug trade: Al Jazeera.