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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wyoming in April

Last week I did corporate nark jobs in west central and north central Wyoming. Along the way I shot a few photos.

Hawks sit on high points along roads a lot. They get nervous when a vehicle stops near them. This ferruginous hawk was about 150 yards from the road, and it let me shoot about 12 shots before it got sick of me and left. 400mm lens with a 3x converter (effective focal length 1200mm, extremely subject to camera shake).

Between Kaycee and Shoshoni, I drove 70 miles on gravel across some incredible scenery (Hole in the Wall country), which I neglected to photograph. Except for this little homey scene of an eagle family. (I managed to not shake the camera on this one.)

Tanker train heading for Worland up the Bighorn River. (Sharper photos below because I used a shorter lens.)

Prairie between Buffalo and Gillette Saturday afternoon.


D.E. Bishop said...

I really miss the vast spaces!!!

taco said...

Nice work.

larry kurtz said...

Wake the fuck up over there.

Bob Newland said...

To whom are you addressing that comment, LK?