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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pieces of the game

Yesterday, I was cruising at 81 in a 70 zone between Sidney and Plentywood, meeting about one car every 15 minutes and got careless, failing to slow down for oncoming traffic, which happened to be a Montana HP.

"Gotcha at 81. I'll writecha for 80, and it's 20 bucks, no points. I can accept it now, or you can mail it in."

"I'll give you 20 now."

"Fine. I'll get you a receipt."


larry kurtz said...

Scary that it takes cops to spur you to action, Newland: i worry about you when you don't write, honey.

larry kurtz said...

"Drug reform dissenters have been known to frantically wave their hands in the air and decry the inevitable social decline brought on by legalization, stating that decriminalization will lead to increased use.

the evidence, however, seems to point to the contrary. A 2011 study found that since the decriminalization law went into effect, neither the use of marijuana nor experimentation with harder drugs has increased among Massachusetts residents.

Furthermore, numerous past studies of similar cases have shown no correlation between increased use and decriminalization."

Best wishes. In Hills until mid-May.

larry kurtz said...