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Friday, April 27, 2012

Layer of prayer whenever the mayor...

Woster posted an interesting topic at Blogmore. A Prayer and the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance as requisites of endurance at the inauguration of just about every public gathering that involves more than two people annoys me a lot.

Every purpose they serve is nefarious. Patriotism is exhibited by one's presence at the event. If one feels it necessary to give thanks to God (Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, Alfred E. Neuman, Eric Clapton), one can do so without ceremony or even moving his lips.

The purpose served reminds me of accounts of being in an audience in front of a Soviet Union dictator. At every applause line (and there were a lot) the person who stopped clapping first was liable to be appraised as not appreciative of the message, and that could lead to discomfort, so sometimes the applause lasted for half an hour, ending because of sheer exhaustion on the part of those with the clap.

People are forced by convention to show their patriotism and their faith in God by including some combination of the Prayer/Anthem/Pledge (PAP test) whenever they produce an event. The Taliban sector, like Missouri Republican Congressman Todd Akin (see Woster's blog entry), appears to require that those around them exhibit some common ground with them on their philosophy that they are furthering the work of God, "who has blessed this Nation Beyond All Nations." If you fail to exhibit unmitigated pride in Being an American (not your fault, usually) or belief in a Supreme Being who holds beliefs somewhat similar to Their Supreme Being, then you are not to be trusted and are not worthy of civil liberties and should either be deported, jailed or shot.

One exhibits patriotism by partaking in public discussions, and by opposing public policies that violate the clear intent of the Constitution (the expression of individual liberty). One exhibits spiritual integrity by following the moral road his/her "faith" maps out. Talking to God doesn't require a pre-dinner prayer delivered by somebody brought in for the ceremony.

But if you're still uncertain, make sure your "Amen" is loud enough to be heard by several folks and is not delivered until several seconds have passed since the end of the prayer.


Bill Dithmer said...

Allah forgive low they were wrongdoers, or, Lord forgive them for they know not what they do.

In both cases knowing what the word "they" means is all important. Its kind of like knowing what meaning of "is" is. Or for that matter if oral sex is really sex. For that you will either have to ask Newt of Bill, both seem to have had some experience with that sort of thing.

We are a great nation not because we don't question these things, religion, sex, politics, but because we do question these things. Like power, absolute prayer corrupts absolutely when meant to be complied with by everyone around the one doing the praying. When I drop my head when you pray, its not because I am being forced to believe the same way that you do but out of respect for the one doing the praying if I have any.

What Akin is doing is trying to get the rest of the people in the room to see that his God is letting him piss higher up on the wall then any of the other religions Gods. In truth every religion has some tall people that believe. At any given time one of theses tall people can step up to the wall and hit a high mark.

I'm not going to say that I don't believe in something. What I am going to say is that because of all of the false profits that claim to represent their particular religions it is getting harder and harder for me to see through the smog that religion emits from what ever end. I have seen personally some things in the native religion that I cant explain. And I have stood side by side with a few pretty tall Indians after a case of beer. I've seen them pee pretty high up on a few trees but I would hate to use that to judge their religion. Nuff Said.

The Blindman

Bob Newland said...

Eloquent, Bill.

I drop my head at the mandatory prayer moments to hide my cynical smile.

repete said...

Religion is for governments and weak minded people, not gods. Religion is the beast of 666 fame. Religion is evil.

Les said...

Oh to reach that high water mark as 7 year olds in the country school outhouse....and now have to climb the tree just to accomplish the trickle down theory.

These high pissers are continually establishing a separation that guarantees support for never ending wars. Through waring on drugs, race, religion or their mecca of ideals, they further guarantee expansion of the machine, grinding up human life as a worthwhile cost.

D.E. Bishop said...

You men clearly have experiences that women such as myself don't. Can't say that I'm envious, but I am more educated than before I turned to these comments. Thank you.

"Prayer/Anthem/Pledge (PAP test)"
LOL. That's great Bob. Hadn't heard it before.

In part, this makes me think of the flap over Obama and the flag lapel pin in the 2008 campaign. So stupid.

The American bishops of the Roman Catholic Church have ripped Paul Ryan a new one for claiming that his RCC faith is the basis for his budget attacking the poor. (At least the bishs did one thing right. And Ryan is not even a woman!)

Big Money/Koch Brothers/etc are using religion the same way they've used politics to further their agenda. They find plenty of willing pharisees in guys like Dobson, Robertson, Copeland and others who will sell their souls for a pile of money and a lavish life-style. So they preach that greed is good, that wealth is a sure sign of God's favor, that hatred and condemnation of others pleases God, and other sickening distortions.

I'm an ordained Lutheran pastor, and find myself absolutely sickened by all of that, as are most mainline* clergy and members. Some evangelical churches are part of that sickened group as well.

(*Mainline - Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, United Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ/Christian, Episcopalian and a few others I can't think of right now.)

Larry Kralj, E. Rangers said...

I would submit that in order to really understand all this Holy Shit, one must read the book The Family by Jeff Sharlett. It explains it all. It's all by design.

Wayne Gilbert said...

Who the hell's Yahweh?

larry kurtz said...

Hey, LK: welcome to Oz. Bob Newland is our host: be nice to him. He is a Tokarski/Max Bucks hybrid.

Gary Johnson brings cannabis into the Presidential race.

taco said...

I really like Gary Johnson.

larry kurtz said...

“A British Columbia mining company has told the Canadian government – First Nation prayers are inappropriate at public hearings.” APTN National News.