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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Photos from D.E.

D.E. Bishop sent these photos. Here's what D.E. says about them:
The aspens were shot in the Hills. The cabin site is Cedar Canyon. That's off Hwy 212 north of Ben Ash. The railroad track is in Utah, west of Moab.
They were all color, but I made two b/w, 'cuz I liked 'em that way.


Wayne Gilbert said...

Very nice work.

Bill Dithmer said...

DE nice work. The one from Utah is now on the front of my screen. I hope you dont mind.

The Blindman

D.E.Bishop said...

I'm honored Blindman. I've only been to Utah once, and find it incredibly beautiful. I love big, BIG SPACE!

I love all of the Southwest. NM, Utah and the gigantic Dine (Navajo) rest in the 4 corners, are my particular favorites.

I must go again . . . and again . . . and again. . .

D.E.Bishop said...

In the center paragraph, that ought to say "res", not "rest." Sorry.

D.E.Bishop said...

Thank you very much Bob. Glad you liked them. The birch look good in b&w. I like the color of the Utah sandstone, but it's good b&w too.