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Friday, February 10, 2012

A little self-promo...

I consort with one of the many highly-talented Black Hills artists, Loy Allen. I also post her website.

Each February, she takes a three-week roadtrip, wherein she peddles her wares at the Rosen Show in Philadelphia. That is quite an event. The Philly Convention Center is set up with about 1600 booths filled with samples of the work of the country's best artisans in all disciplines (excepting two-dimensional work; paintings and photos), from handmade neckties to bedroom sets, jewelry and glass, metalwork and handmade shoes and....

The above piece is a glass-and-metal hibiscus centerpiece, 19" wide. She collaborates with Firesteel Forge blacksmiths in Piedmont (REAL blacksmiths).

Take a look at the website. Buy something for someone you want to owe you something in return, or, in the alternative, for someone for whom you just want to do something nice.

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D.E.Bishop said...

Wow! Thanks for the website. Her work is gorgeous! I sent the URL to several of my friends. There is a store her in the Twin Cities that carries her work. Lucky for us.

I love art of all kinds.Ahhhhh.