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Monday, February 27, 2012

But then, maybe whiskey won the war.

LIFE, 4/5/1943


D.E. Bishop said...

Verrrrrrry interesting. (Sgt. Schulz)
Thanks for these. The one with the German soldiers was really kind of spooky.

Bob Newland said...

Our enemies are often unshaven and grim, emotionless, vindictive. It's a pattern.

In the movie, "Matewan," Chris Cooper plays a WWI veteran. He says, "All I saw was workers killing other workers."

D.E. Bishop said...

Geez. I haven't seen "Matewan," but that is such a perfect quote. My Grampa was in the Big One. He was just a farmer, just an ordinary guy.

The VA in Fort Meade, where I used to work, is filled with ordinary guys who left the farm, ranch, store, shop to go to war.

They are all just ordinary women and men. War is so wrong.