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Sunday, February 26, 2012

2012 Legislative Session circling the drain...

Friday is the 34th day of the 2012 Legislative Session. March 19 is the 35th and final day; it is reserved for possible recovery of bills killed by gubernatorial vetos.

For at least the 40th consecutive year, the SoDak Legislature has failed to reduce government in the important places. It has, in contrarium, increased governmental oversight of chickenshit details.

Any Foruminants have an argument with that? If you do, and you don't respond on this board, then, well..., I guess we'll have to do without your contribution to the solution.

This is my suggestion for the most important issue presented the legislature this year, upon which it chose to do nothing:

Sen. Tom Nelson, R-Lead, introduced a bill to force us to recognize the Naked Mole Rat as our state somethingorother. He said: it's "warmer and fuzzier than a state 'animal.'" The bill was killed.

There are obvious reasons to make the naked mole rat the state "mascot" of So. Dak. Prominent among them is the fact that no one has ever seen a naked mole rat in South Dakota, at least not strictly. We've seen some things that resemble it strongly.

Nevertheless, any attempts on the part of South Dakotans to incorporate naked mole rats into their public image will be dealt with "swiftly and conclusively," according to the Attorney General's office.

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