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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Small Afternoon

For the first time, today I went out with the express purpose of birdspotting. Results were less than impressive.

Robin. In January?

Downy Woodpecker, male

This Brook? Rainbow? trout is, I estimate, 13 inches long.

On my walk, I ran into some acquaintances.

Stace Nelson, good side. This is not gratuitous. Nelson has earned this.

Phil Jensen. His proposal to classify abortion providers as small game animals is a classic. Recently, he asked a retired judge if the judge agreed with Jensen that at least 50% of the faculty of state-supported schools should agree with Jensen on certain key political points.

I also saw some wild turkeys, but I thought pictures of them would confuse you if they were in the same post with the previous two pictures.


Wayne Gilbert said...

Like 'em all. I haven't seen Robins in winter, but knowledgeable people have told me that a few find cover and some food in the trees and shrubs in some of the grasslands gulches.

larry kurtz said...

national bird day today


Bob Newland said...

I was not aware of the significance of the day. Thanks for sending that, Larry.

On one significantly chilly day in December, I saw a killdeer on Battle Creek. They're one of the least-equipped birds to winter in South Dakota. I was without a camera, but if I was a real birder, you would accept my word without hesitation.

larry kurtz said...
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larry kurtz said...

The Audubon just completed a national Christmas bird count; heard about in on KUNM.