The whole point of free speech is not to make ideas exempt from criticism but to expose them to it.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I posted this at Blogmore and they censored it:
Barack Obama has already gone through what I am about to describe, and we see the results.

Some summer evening in Florida this year the "Republicans" will choose someone to be the lion or the lamb in the titular November "election" for president. At that moment, some guys in banker suits will lead him (not likely to be a "her" this time, praise the lord) into a small room, where they will show him a 15-second film shot in Dallas 50 years ago. Then a guy in a suit will say, "Any questions?"

The nominee will say, "Do I have to clean up my own pee off the floor?"

"No. That's what your veep selection is for. Send her in."
I also posted this, and they censored it:
Ron Paul is the only "Republican" who has not promised to continue to use the power of the federal government to encroach on your personal liberty, or to continue to add to the piles of cash being shipped to the most vicious people on Earth, or to continue to feed the cancer of inflation that destroys your savings, or to continue to support governments who destroy their own people and thus feed the hatred of America.

Yet some of you call Ron Paul "wacky." As my wife said Wednesday morning as we listened to the results of the Iowa beauty contest, "What the **** is the matter with those people?"
Okay. ****'em at Blogmore.


larry kurtz said...

probably the word 'titular.' Funny, tho.

what do believe is on that film, Bob?

Bob Newland said...

Not much. Just that Kennedy was obviously shot from the back, then from the front.

Douglas said...

Perhaps you can understand my frustration with Blogmore at their unwillingness to present any rules indicating what determines if they are going to delete posts or admit them.

I haven't been able to make sense out of what gets in or what gets cut or why.

Bob Newland said...

I am through being frustrated by them. If I post, I know that it's kind of a dice roll as to whether it will be deemed -- by Blogmore -- vulgar, potentially vulgar, vulgar if they make an acronym out of the first letter of most of the words, or vulgar if they replace **** with "fuck" or "shit" instead of "heck" or "pooy,"according to the whim of their own weird minds.

Since Art Oakes seems to be frustrated often by Blogmore, maybe he'll come over here. We'll let him post anything, even propose and write topics from time to time, for that matter.

larry kurtz said...

i have to say something just because the word verification is 'ovitax.'

Douglas said...

Apparently they assume a lot of completely innocent, isolated 12 year olds are regular Blogmore readers.

Nothing to do with that exactly, but a Newsweek column said that Republicans are intent on getting their party candidates on Mt. Losemore.

Bob Newland said...

I'd like to see that column, Douglas. Is it online?

The question arises, "What does that mean?"

Do they want the moderators to mention them in a topic post? Or do they want to see candidate names as authors of comments? Or...?