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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What the F***? I mean, what the F***ing F***?

After Pennington County's crack Prosecutor costs these people their profession, their reputation and their money...

After an agonizing day of testimony in which landfill supervisor John Leahy spent most of day on the stand testifying about materials produced by state officer, charges have been dismissed against both Clifford and George Fish.

Leahy repeatedly admitted that he had no proof of any conspiracy or wrongdoing.

After a conference in judge's chambers, defense attorney Michael Butler, the attorney for George Fish, came out and said the case was being dismissed.

"Where does my client go to get his reputation back?" Patrick Duffy, attorney for Clifford Fish said after the dismissal.

Jesus H. Christ!!!

I hope these guys sue everyone in sight. I hope they win ownership of every statue of every president in town. I hope they win Mt. Rushmore. I hope Bob Ellis (the crazy one who jumps in here from time to time) leaves town.


BF said...


BF said...

Hey Bob, do you suppose Sam will take this BS down off of his website now? Pretty sure Duffy already has it on file.

Thad Wasson said...

Hanks couldn't even manage the dump. His man Jerry Wright couldn't explain 'cover' to his men and so the city took it in the shorts in lost dumping fees.

BF said... can weigh in further on the Landfill issue here:

I hear they're giving good beaks on tipping fees. If you dump out the right words, they'll post it for free.

I think they call it "alternative cover."