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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jury Decides Death for Piper

A jury has decided murderer Briley Piper's fate. He will die at the hands of the state in a much more "civilized" fashion than did his victim. I put "civilized" inside quotes because this issue gives me considerable discomfort.

Too many innocent people have been put to death on the basis of a jury making a mistake, or a defense attorney making a mistake, or a judge making a mistake, or a cop making a mistake. But that is not the case with Piper. He confessed to one of the most brutal crimes ever committed in South Dakota. If ever there was a case that warranted a death sentence, this was it.

Please read Kevin Woster's piece on Blogmore here. Nobody should ever be surprised that Kevin has written something well. It is a valuable read.

There is enough sorrow over this case to darken an entire state. We are sorry for Chester and his mother. We are sorry for Piper's family, too.

But I am also sorry for the judges in this case. I cannot imagine what must go on inside the gut of a man who must compose and sign another's death warrant. It is an unimaginable burden we place upon or judges. And, yes I understand it is part of the job. But, it cannot be easy.

I have no sorrow for Mr. Piper.


taco said...

Nice post. I appreciate Woster's piece and, yes, being a Judge would suck.

Bob Newland said...

Judges put people in jail for actions no sane person considers a crime (possessing a beneficial herb) on a sickeningly regular basis. They often do so while reciting a ludicrous sermon on the lesson they are providing by punishing a person for doing nothing wrong.

Do you feel sorry for such judges? I don't. I feel like they should be tied to a post and whipped.

repete said...

Some people simply have to be eliminated from planet earth.
Including some of the criminals, eh Bob? :)

larry kurtz said...

The majority of young white men involved in violent crime cannot afford lawyers that could prove incompetence due to a dependence on the meth culture.

I’m going to stick my neck out here and predict that in her failed red state Rep. Gabrielle Giffords will seek to spare the life of Jared Loughner as that state is doping him up with anti-psychotics so he is competent to stand trial. Now, that's sick.

broke said...

Also feel sorry for the Lawrence County taxpayers who will likely pay six-figures several times over for the next decade-plus of appeals.