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Monday, June 20, 2011

More low desperation from Hanks camp


Arriving in my mail today: Sam Kooiker's budget priorities: Less for seniors, more for himself.

More distortion from Hanks. Less truth.

The truth: When Hanks said he wanted to cut 5 percent from the police and fire departments, Sam said subsidies should be cut too.  That's all.  He didn't say let's cut the senior center; he didn't propose it. He simply said that IF the city was going to cut police and fire departments, then subsidies should be cut.

Second distortion: "In December, 2010 Kooiker made the motion to table (kill) a proposed cut in dalaries for city council members."

The fact: Ward 3 councilperson Dave Davis made a motion to ELIMINATE (not cut) all council salaries and they should all work for free. Kooiker moved to table the motion and discuss in the proper venue for such discussions: the budget hearings.

And then, the flier continues with the same lies as the most recent.

Wow. There is no depth to which the Hanks campaign won't sink.


varing said...

Your mayor is disgusting.

Rick K said...

cut n pasted from dec 6 2010;

Discussion followed regarding the annual savings to be realized by freezing Step
22 and above positions. An amended motion was made by Kooiker, second by Mason and carried to
amend the resolution to require that the Mayor and Council receive a 3% pay reduction for FY 2011.
Motion carried with the following voting AYE: Kooiker, Brown, Mason, Petersen, Weifenbach, Hadcock
and Kroeger; voting No: Waugh and Davis. The motion as amended carried.

Rick K said...

The retaliation, dec 20 2010

Motion was made by Davis, second by Waugh to place a moratorium on Council salaries for FY 2011
and to place the funds in the Council Contingency line item. Davis addressed his concerns with the
action taken at the December 6, 2010 council meeting and the discussion regarding the Step 22 and
above positions. Davis stated that in accordance with State law council members would continue to
receive reimbursement for travel or technology expenses. Discussion followed regarding the intent of the
discussion regarding wage freezes for specific grade levels and the action taken at the December 6,
2010 council meeting. Motion was made by Kooiker, second by Mason to table the motion. Upon vote
being taken the motion failed (2-7) with the following voting AYE: Kooiker and Mason; and the following
voting No: Petersen, Weifenbach, Davis, Hadcock, Kroeger, Costello and Waugh.
Discussion continued regarding the implications of the December, 6, 2010 action its impact on the moral
of City employees. Motion was made by Kooiker, second by Petersen to continue the item to the January
24, 2011 budget meeting. Davis voiced support for the motion to take the item to the budget discussions.
Motion carried.

Rick K said...

As you can see Kooiker and Mason moved to reduce the council and Mayoral salories by 3 percent on dec 6, and passed 7-2. This act cost Hanks about 3 grand ? and council members about 350 bucks each. As you can see it was Waugh and Davis that voted against reducing council salaries. Two weeks later Waugh and Davis try to reduce council salaries to zero and leave the Mayors salary alone. The motion to table failed 2-7 (kooiker,mason), the motion to send to budget hearings passed unanimously.

Somebody remind Hanks to take his meds !!

Terry Craft said...

I love the visual. It's classic.